Sponsor-A-Child Program

Change the World One Child at a Time

Child sponsorship is the best way for you to impact or change a life in Tanzania. Fifty-eight percent of children in rural Tanzania live below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day (Worldbank, 2018). For many of their families, the expenses of their child attending school or even providing a meal can be overwhelming, and can led to a late start or early drop out from school. By becoming a sponsor, you will provide quality education and care for a child with the potential to uplift their generation out of poverty.

 Sponsorship provides on-going support, which is fundamental for permanent change.  You will be making a personal investment and building a relationship with your sponsored child.  

We Choose

We can choose a sponsored child for you!   We are right there on the ground and are in touch with the children, therefore we can identify who is in the most need of support at that time. This means your help goes to the child that needs it the most.

You Choose

We receive a quarterly report from our Tanzanian staff of the children that need sponsorship.  This list allows you to see a handful of children that have immediate needs, and you can choose which child you wish to sponsor based on your personal preference.

Sponsorship Options

Join us for a unique and life changing experience, not only for the child but also the sponsor. We strongly believe that by empowering children through education, you enable them to break the cycle of poverty into which they are born.

Without the help of our sponsors, the children supported by Precious Project would have little hope of securing a substantial education; often the only government schools available to these children have large class sizes, limited resources and rudimentary teaching methods.

Tuition Sponsor

Tuition Sponsor - $125 per Month or $1,500 per Year

Your sponsored student will receive a high-quality education with technology-based STEAM programming, textbooks and necessary school supplies, transportation, tutoring, library access, school uniforms, music classes, playground equipment, nutritious protein-rich porridge twice daily and more.

Residential Sponsor

Residential Sponsor - $125 per Month or $1,500 per Year

Your sponsorship will help by providing a safe, loving environment where the children can grow to their potential.   We offer an organized family setting which is critical to foster continuous learning and offers physical, mental, and emotional nourishment. The children learn responsibility to the family by doing daily chores, such as caring for the chickens and getting firewood.

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