Precious Leaders Secondary School

Our secondary school opened its doors to students in January 2022. The private co-educational boarding school is located in the Arumeru district. Among the key objectives are to educate children who are severely underrepresented in Tanzania’s secondary schools, namely the underprivileged and girls.

Improving Access to Quality Education

When Precious Leaders Secondary School (PLSS) reaches its full capacity, it will offer six years of secondary education to up to 550 students. One important goal for the school is to serve children from the poorest families as access to a quality education is an important contributor to poverty reduction. Precious plans to support 50% of its student body under full sponsorship, with another 25% receiving partial tuition support. Another significant objective is to recruit and retain girls by providing them a safe and supportive learning environment. Evidence has shown that one of the most effective ways of reducing early marriage and pregnancy in Tanzania is to provide girls a good secondary education and protection from gender-based violence.

Built on Educational Achievements

Our first academic institution, Precious English Medium School, is today a learning community for more then 600 students. The school has repeatedly been recognized by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania as #1 in its district. It was also the first primary school in the region to successfully deploy digital learning school-wide and offer STEM educational programs.

State-of-the-Art Educational Facilities

The building of the secondary school is the largest Precious has undertaken. It includes a two-story academic building that houses 16 classrooms, a technology lab, and administrative offices. Three science labs, and a nurse’s office, are co-located in an adjacent building.

Agricultural Farms supports Sustainability

Next to the Secondary School is the largest of the two Precious farms. The farms contribute significantly in helping Precious move toward self-sustainability, nourishing our community, and connecting our students through hands-on learning about agriculture best practices.

Providing a Well-Rounded Education

Core Curriculum

Our students benefit from a rich and varied curriculum that supports and nurtures their mind, well-being, and interests. The goal is to help each student be well-prepared, confident, and successful in furthering their education, and become contributing members to their community and the workforce. In their first four years (Form I to IV), PLSS students study a variety of academic subjects, including English, Kiswahili, math, sciences, history, a second foreign language, and ICT.

Academic Enrichment and Beyond

  • The core courses prepare students for the mandatory national exams, whose passing is essential for continuing secondary and eventual acceptance to a college.
  • In addition, Precious requires students to be involved in a sport and offers students electives in a range of subjects from music to technology.
  • In their last two years at PLSS (Form V an VI), students focus on specific fields of study, such as ‘PCB’ (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), ‘PGM’ (Physics, Geography, and Math), ‘HGE’ (History, Geography, and Economics), among other offerings.
Sports Fields
Students can participate in football, volleyball, netball and other team sports.
Science Labs
Science labs support experimental learning in biology, chemistry and physics.
The dorms provide a safe learning and social environment for our students.

Advanced Hands-on Learning in STEAM

The school’s academic programs include advanced studies in the sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). The project-based hands-on learning programs are grounded in the effectiveness of experiential learning to:
- enhance students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
- develop skills beneficial in the digital economy
- foster teamwork, communications, collaboration, innovation
- ignite students passion for STEAM education & careers.

Inspire Innovation and Self Learning

Students have opportunities to build and program robots, develop a software application, create a multimedia educational lesson, design a website, among other activities. They’ll identify how the technology and tools can be applied to solve real-world problems. Technology also plays an integral role in PLSS curriculum.  Students have access to computers with industry standard software and WIFI-enabled servers equipped with digital learning platforms, eLibrary, and software applications to boost learning.

    Project Leads and Contacts

    • Gil Williams, US
    • Telesphory Kafuba, Tanzania
    • Marco Majaba, Tanzania
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    May 2023
    Special Government Delegation visits Precious
    Hon. John Mongela's Visit Recognizes the Precious Project's Impact on Education
    January 2022
    Grand Opening of Precious Leaders High School
    Offering six years of secondary education for up to 550 students.