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Precious Project raised the funds to build and fund yearly operations for a residential home for orphans and other vulnerable children. The home is a healthy, loving, and safe environment for the children to grow and learn. Precious Project provides for the education and care of both the residential children and other local high-risk children.

Building a Family

While we can never replace a child's family, we make every effort to create a warm and supportive environment where our children can thrive.

Creating a caring and nurturing environment

An organized family setting is critical to foster continuous learning. We employ two Mamas (caregivers), two guards, and one cleaner to care for our nearly 30 children. The children learn responsibility to the family by doing daily chores, such as caring for the chickens and getting firewood.

Supporting High Risk Children with a real home

Many children in Tanzania do not have the luxury of a caring family due to economic woes or illness. Precious Project helps these children by providing a safe environment where they can grow to their potential.

Building a Children's Home not an Orphanage

While our home is for abandoned and orphaned children, it shouldn't be considered an orphanage. This is a family where older children look out for their younger "siblings" and our hired "Mamas" and our founders, William and Sarah, create a truly loving, family environment.

Creating a Supporting Environment for Growth


In 2010, in the small rural village of Nshupu, Tanzania, nine children were discovered undernourished and sleeping on a cement floor. At the time, the sole support of these children (abandoned and orphans of HIV), was a grassroots initiative of a local church. Then a local Nshupu primary school teacher, who lost his own mother to AIDS, left his secure job to follow his heart to care for these children. Recognizing the children needed better care beyond the means of the local community, the teacher - William Modest, and his wife, Sarah, took on the challenge to raise and school these children.  They sought outside help to build a permanent home for the children and provide them with the best in education. Building this home was the beginnings for Precious Project.

Multi-faceted Approach

We have a holistic approach toward providing a loving home and supportive community for raising healthy children by:
  • Creating a family environment with a children's home that offers physical, mental, and emotional nourishment.
  • Acquiring sponsors who pay for each residential child's expenses until they reach the age of 18.
  • Building a village community center to give back to the community, and create village pride and support for the home.
  • Becoming self-sustaining through agricultural development
Future Doctor
Regina began secondary school in 2019 and her professional goal is to be a doctor.
Future Pilot
Innocent is funny and hardworking and he is the #1 student each year in his class.
Future Teacher
Doreen’s favorite subjects are math and science and she hopes to become a teacher.

A Home, Not an Orphanage

In Tanzania, there isn't much need for orphanages where abandoned and orphaned children can be adopted into a new family. This might be due to the prevalence of the large number of orphaned children and the high poverty rates in the country.

Instead, Precious Project built a permanent residence for the existing nine orphans with room to grow. And grow it did: there are nearly 30 children living there.


  • Sustained care of nearly 30 residential children (orphans and abandoned)
  • Acquired land and built a permanent home for the residential children
  • Received educational sponsorships for all residential children up to age 18 years
  • All residential children who've completed primary school have passed Tanzania's Primary School Leaving Exam. They have all been accepted into private secondary or vocational school.

Project Leads and Contacts

  • Susie Rheault, US
  • Gil Williams, US
  • Sarah Modest, Tanzania
  • Williams Modest, Tanzania
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