Our Team in Tanzania

Our Team in Tanzania has been instrumental in leading and supporting Precious Project's mission to uplift a village. Their significant contributions include providing the highest quality education and care for its youngest citizens to offer them a brighter future. Precious success stories are the results of their leadership, professionalism, work ethics and passions.

Founders and Directors

William and Sarah are the cornerstone of Precious.

Day to day management of all the major and minor projects are a never ending chore and they tirelessly work through every issue and still have time and love for all the children,

William Modest


In 2010, William Modest, a school teacher, founded Precious Orphans Children's Home, leaving a secure job to pursue his life's mission. William had watched his mother die of AIDS when he was a teenager and has since dedicated himself to AIDS prevention and care of its casualties. He has successfully overseen Precious amazing growth and expansion since its founding, including the development of a model family-style children's home to care for the most vulnerable and the Precious English Medium School, which is educating over 230 children.

Sarah Modest


Sarah Modest, a school teacher, had the vision to open a kindergarten for the children of Nshupu whose families were too poor to pay the fees required to attend a public school. Today Precious English Medium School offers a Preschool Program that includes 'baby', pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten classes. Under the Preschool Program, approximately 90 village children are being taught and fed two nutritious meals per school day.

Primary School Administration

Managing a school of 437 children is no easy task. However, our diligent school administration lead by Madame Debora is making every child and parent feel like they are the only ones that matter. From setting standards around new student acceptance to assisting when children are displaying problem, this team could handle a school twice the size.

Debora Kileo

Headmistress & Teacher English

Mme Debora has led the Precious School since 2017 and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience as a early childhood and secondary school teacher since 2011. She received her teaching diploma from Mt Meru University and earned multiple post-graduate certificates in counseling, primary health and education from colleges in Uganda and Tanzania. Mme Debora is originally from the Kilimanjaro region in eastern Tanzania.

Richard Sululu

Academics Master, Math and Science

Mr Sululu joined Precious English Medium School in 2018. He earned a Certificate in Teaching Primary Schools from Monduli Teacher’s College and is from Ilburo, a village on the slopes of Mt Meru in Arusha, Tanzania. Mr Sululu is delighted to be part of Precious as the school offers a ‘good learning environment (and) a lot of teaching aids like iPads, computers and science equipment...for reinforcing the teaching and learning process’.

Janeth Alexander Kiiza

Assistant Academics, English and History

Mme Janeth has been a teacher since 2012 and a member of the Precious Faculty since 2017. Originally from Kagera, located on the western side of Lake Victoria in northwest Tanzania, she attained her diploma in education from Brockyline Institute College. What she enjoys about her role as a Precious teacher is the interactive exchange with her pupils and learning new things and how the school ‘cares for its pupils and all workers’.

Lightness Obedi Ayo

Pre-primary Academics; Kindergarten

Mme Lightness has been a teacher since 2010 and at the Precious English Medium School since its founding in 2016. She was born and raised in Usa River, Tanzania and holds a college certificate in education. Teaching is her passion in and out of the classroom, Mme Lightness enjoys working with preschool children and watching them learn and grow. She appreciates’ ‘the School’s administration for establishing Precious’ close community and ensuring the faculty have the teaching materials they need’.

Rehema David Akyoo

Social Worker

Madam Rehema joined the Precious team in May 2019. As Precious’ social worker, she serves the essential role of assuring the well-being and care of all the Precious children at the School and Home. Rehema became a social worker as a means to help others. What attracted her to Precious was the ‘opportunity to help and be a voice for children in difficult circumstances, working with the individual, family and community’. Rehema earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Institute of Social Work in Dar es Salaam and is originally from Arusha, Tanzania.

Primary School Faculty

Our faculty is diverse and ready to give our 437 students an education which builds confidence and desire for excellence. Whether it is Math, Science, English or any of the other subject, they attack it with vigor and dedication.

Ezekiel Mkwizu


Mr Ezekiel has been a member of the Precious Faculty since 2017 and a teacher since 2016. He is from Arusha and received a bachelor of arts degree in education. What he particularly appreciates about the Precious English Medium School is that the entire staff works so well as a team. ‘The school administration has created a conducive environment for all workers to have peace.’ In addition to teaching. Mr Ezekiel enjoys gospel music.

Msafiri M Songoro

French and ICT Project Co-Lead

Mr Songoro began teaching in 2010 and joined the Precious Faculty in 2017. He is from Kigoma, a town in the northeastern shores of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, and received his diploma from Alliance Française. In addition to teaching French, Mr. Songoro teaches ICT to upper and lower grade students, assists with the schools music program, and co-leads Precious ICT Project. Mr Songoro attributes Precious success to the School’s ‘strong administration and care for all without segregation’.

Happyness K David


Mme Happyness joined the School in 2018 and has been a teacher since 2015. She received a certificate in education from Arusha Teachers College and is originally from Musoma, in the northwestern part Tanzania on the eastern edge of Lake Victoria. What she particularly enjoys about teaching at Precious is the ‘first priority given to educate special groups such as orphans and widows (and) the cooperation of all its staff’. Among her passions, she loves reading story books to her students.

Christian Wilson

Science and History

Mr. Wilson began teaching in 2013, and joined Precious in 2017. Along with teaching science and history in the upper school, Mr Wilson is a valuable supporter of the ICT and music programs. What he appreciates about Precious is the ‘support given to all people without considering their race, gender, tribe, religion or status and the learning opportunities it provides’. Mr Wilson earned his diploma from Benjamin William Mkapa Teachers’ Training College in Pemba and is originally from Arusha.

Restituta Damas Mkenda


Mme Restituta brings over 15 years of experience in early childhood education and has been a teacher at Precious since the School opened in 2016. She received a certificate in Early Childhood Education and Development from Pilgrim Vission College in Tanzania and is originally from Kilimanjaro. Mme Restituta attributes Precious’ success to the advance education the school offers, its modern teaching equipment to advance learning, the care of children who are in special need, and the administration and staff teamwork.

Sarah Gidion Mkwawa

English and Kiswahili

Mme Sarah has been a member of the Precious Faculty since 2017. She is originally from Iringa, Tanzania and received her diploma in education from Arusha Teacher’s College. What she particularly enjoys about being a teacher at Precious is the faculty’s strong collaboration, its excellent administration, and most significantly her ‘precious’ students. Mme Sarah believes ‘education helps eradicate poverty in society and appreciates Precious help in educating disadvantaged children and widows’.

Sarah Joseph Shehemba


Mme Sarah joined the Precious English Medium School in 2016 and has over 13 years teaching experience. She is from Tanga, Tanzania and holds a certificate of education. One aspect of Precious she appreciates are the educational opportunities provided to the faculty. She feels they have benefited the faculty in improving their teaching methods and helping students with different learning challenges to make them feel equal with their peers. ’Precious gives hope for those due to poverty, sickness, and other family issues.’

Emmanuel Singano Kajiu

Math and Science, Lower School

Mr Emmanuel has been a member of the Precious faculty since March 2019. Prior to joining Precious, Emmanuel was a teacher at Upendo Friends School, an English Medium School near Arusha. Since he was a young boy, Emmanuel dreamed of becoming a teacher and ‘teaching at Precious has filled his lifelong dreams’. What he finds particularly special about the Precious school is ‘how the staff works so well together as a team – like a family’. Emmanuel received his diploma in Primary Education from Marangu Teacher’s College. He is originally from Tanga, and his hobbies include singing and playing the piano.

Esuvath John Mollel


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Obadia Charles Buseye


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Samwel Saurian Ratsim


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Keloi Sautindogo


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Michael L. Levayon


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Eliya Godwin Mollel


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Metrine John May


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Frank Jackson Chambo


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Ediltruda Pius

Kiswahili & Civics

Mme Ediltruda joined Precious in 2017 and has been teaching since 2013. She particularly enjoys teaching at Precious as ‘it cares for its pupils with diverse needs and values all its employees (no matter their position)’. Mme Ediltruda earned a diploma in education from Arusha Teacher’s College and is originally from Karatu, Tanzania. She loves teaching and one of her favorite quotes: ‘Hold onto instructions. Do not let it go. Guard it well. For it is your life.’

Abdul Abasi

Math and Science

Mr. Abasi earned his teaching certificate from Monduli Teachers College in 2018. Before joining Precious English Medium School in 2021, he had been teaching at Kwasondo Primary School in Kilimanjaro region. He is from Bukoba and now lives in Arusha region. Mr. Abasi enjoys playing football and music. As a teacher at Precious he has found joy working with students to them improve their academic progress in their studies.

Bright Erasto Shagali

Math and Science

Mr Erasto received his degree in education from Marangu Teachers College at Moshi in 2019. He started teaching at Precious in 2020. Originally from the Tanga region, he now lives in Arusha. Among his hobbies, Mr. Erasto plays musical instruments, does physical exercises, and particularly enjoys drawing among other arts and crafts. He chose to teach at Precious as he saw it as a great environment to share his knowledge and help students in collaboration with his fellow teachers.

Rosemary Mathew Shecky

Math and DSA

Mme Rosemary joined Precious English Medium School in 2021, where she is teaching numeracy and Developmental Sports and Arts (DSA) to first and second grade students. She attained a Teacher’s Certificate from SEMS Teachers College in Arusha in 2017 and started teaching that same year at Nazarene Progressive School in Kilimanjaro. Mme Rosemary is from Sambaa, a tribe in Tanga, Tanzania. What makes Precious special for her are the people and the work environment. She enjoys singing and dancing.

Frank Edward Ntewa

English and Social Studies

Mr Frank has been a member of the Precious faculty since 2021. He attended The Joshua Teachers Training College where he earned a Teacher’s Certificate in 2014. What makes teaching at Precious English Medium School so rewarding and special for him is the love and care provided to all the students and the inclusion of extracurricular activities such as music classes and a variety of sports. Frank was born in Mbeya, located in the southern highlands of Tanzania. His enjoys reading and writing stories.

Secondary School Administration

Managing 95 Students in Form One, our Precious Leaders Secondary School (PLSS) Administration opened and lead the school in 2022.

Telesphory Bahati Kafuba


Mr Kafuba became headmaster of PLSS when the school opened in 2022. Prior to receiving this position, he was a member of the Precious English Medium School faculty since 2017. He also served as PEMS assistant head teacher, responsible for the school’s instructional program and helped strengthened the school’s academics. Mr. Telesphore received a bachelor's in education from Tumaini University Makumira and is originally from Kagera, Tanzania. He ‘appreciates the Precious organization for supporting the young children, women, and the community at large’.

Ruben Eliawonyi

Second Master, Civics & Kiswahili

Mr. Ruben received a bachelor's degree in Education from Arusha University in 2018. He hails from Moshi. In addition to being a member of PLSS’s academic administration, helping shape its academic success of all its students, Mr. Ruben teaches Civics and Kiswahili at the school.

Majaba Marco

Academic Dean & Science Faculty

Mr. Majaba joined PEMS faculty in 2021, and the following year became PLSS first Academic Dean. He has been a teacher since 2014. Prior to teaching at Precious, he taught chemistry and biology at Steven Secondary School and math and science at Buhembe English Medium School. He is a graduate of Josiah Kibira University College at Tumaini University and is originally from Bariadi. Mr Majaba hobbies include reading, singing gospels, and performing scientific practicals. He is delighted to be part of the Precious community that supports the education of orphans, abandoned and other vulnerable children.

Secondary School Faculty

Our faculty provide a wealth of teaching experience with expertise in major academic and vocational fields.

Michael Augustine Mabawa

Geography, History & Economics

Mr. Michael is from Mwanza, widely known as “The Rock City”. He graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam in 2015 and has been teaching ever since. Mr. Michael joined PLSS in 2022.

Samwel P. Mombo

English & Literature

Mr. Samwel is from Ikungi Singida in central Tanzania. He attended the University of Dar es Salaam where he attained a bachelor degree in Education, with focused studies in English and Literature. Mr. Samwel joined the PLSS faculty in 2022. In his free time, he enjoys reading books and watching movies.

Marco I. Sumary

Lab Technician

Mr. Marco holds a Diploma in Laboratory Science and Technology from Monduli Teachers College, where he graduated in 2018. Prior to joining PLSS in 2022, he worked at Hebron Secondary School as a Laboratory Technician.

Amoni Lukwaro

Biology & Chemistry

Mr. Amoni earned a BS in Education, specializing in Biology and Chemistry as a 2018 graduate at Josiah Kibira University College of Tumaini University. He became a member of the PLSS faculty in 2022, where he enjoys conducting scientific research, and playing football and Volleyball.

Asifiwe Amoni Mbise

History and Kiswahili

Mme. Asifiwe graduated in 2015 from Mkwawa University College, the Constituent College of University in Dar es Salaam. Mme. Asifiwe has been teaching since 2016, and joined the PLSS faculty in 2022. In addition to teaching, she enjoys playing netball.

Gideon Mwita Daniel


Mr. Gideon joined the PLSS faculty when the school opened in 2022. Mr. Gideon holds a BS in Education, Physics and Mathematics, from Mwenge Catholic University of Moshi.

Isack Yohaness

Information Technology

When Mr Isack was growing up, he discovered his interest in information technology (IT). He eventually pursued an 'A' level diploma in IT at The Institute of Accountancy in Arusha and has served as PLSS in-house IT expert since 2022.

Shangwe Raphael


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Waziri M. Kamuhanda


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Peniel Mbise


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Amos M. Kadoke


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Gangila Shilagi


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Jerard Simon Jacob


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Edward Sokoine Wenje


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Home and School Staff

No home is complete without a Mama or two. The mamas are kind, stern when needed but always caring for all the children in the home.

Also, every team needs a supporting staff. Our team makes everything happen like magic, whether it is beautiful grounds, nutritious meals or fetching kids from neighboring villages.

Mary Lukas


Mama Ester

Childcare Provider

James Ally


Vick John


Lewis Erick

School Bus Driver

Prisca Mbise


Ibrahim Ramadhan

School Bus Driver

Mama Eva

Childcare Provider

Regina Losujack

Dorm Matron

Rehema L. Mkuti

Commerce & Bookkeeping

Helena Esil


Getrude NassarI


Bahati Naftali


Baraka Emanuel


Diana Gerald