Precious Projects

Each project serves as a community resource with a goal of long-term self-sustainability. All projects are spearheaded by key team members.  Our ultimate goal is to create a thriving community in Nshupu, Tanzania.

Children's Home

"It takes a village to raise a child" - African proverb
In 2010, Susie Rheault and Gil Williams were hiking through the small rural village of Nshupu, Tanzania, and discovered a home for orphans and abandoned children. Inside nine children were sleeping on a cement floor. At the time, the sole support of these children was a grassroots initiative of a local church. A couple of local Nshupu primary school teachers were taking care of them. Sarah and William Modest (who lost his own mother to AIDS), left their secure jobs to follow their hearts to care for these children.
Susie Rheault
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 English Medium Primary School

“Everyone has the right to an education” UN Declaration of Human Rights
Though the lack of education is a leading cause of poverty, Tanzanian schools are not free. Attendance, even at the primary school level, requires the ability to pay for school fees, uniforms, meals, books, school supplies, and other expenses. With approximately 87% of rural Tanzanians living on less than one US dollar per day, most families are unable to cover these costs and send their children to school.
Gil Williams
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Digital Learning

"While education unlocks the door to development... information technologies can unlock the door to education" Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
Despite Tanzania’s commendable efforts to increase education funding to provide primary schooling for all, the quality of education remains among the lowest in Africa. Among the factors are inadequate teacher training and learning materials, and an education system that uses decades old methods focused on rural life skills and passive learning, rather than academics, creativity, independent learning, and critical thinking in areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).
Ina Ghaznavi
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Empowering Women

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women." Kofi Annan
In Tanzania, women are among the poorest in their nation, despite serving an important role in their rural economy. Tanzanian women farm, sell fruits and vegetables, transport heavy loads of water and firewood, and provide the necessities and care for their family. It is not uncommon to meet women who raise families in the absence of a man. Many men labor away from home, have other families, or never return for financial or health reasons.
Susie Rheault
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Sustainability & Permaculture

“Permaculture invites us to protect intact ecosystems where they remain and help restore them where they're destroyed. It suggests that we take care of the earth while taking care of its people” Juliana Birnbaum Fox
Our farm produces nutritious foods for the Precious Orphans Children’s Home and the Precious English Medium Primary School. The sale of excess crops provides additional income to support our projects. By modeling organic and sustainable agricultural practices and holding workshops, local farmers learn to increase productivity and reduce costs of their own farms.
Gil Williams
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